Woodhall is a privately owned estate in rural Hertfordshire, which has been in the same family ownership for over 200 years. The estate, which centres around the 18th century house let to Heath Mount School, brings together agriculture, forestry, conservation and a wide range of village property. It is 3 miles north of Hertford within easy reach of good road, rail and air links.

Whilst retaining a unique heritage and rural charm, today the estate is run along commercial lines, letting property, grazing and shooting and hosting corporate social and charity events It is also a popular film location.



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Within easy reach of London, Woodhall is situated in the triangle between Hertford, Stevenage and Ware. Hertford and Ware are historic market towns with traditional high street shops, and Stevenage is a lively post-war new town with contemporary retailers and extensive leisure facilities. The rural villages close by are all thriving, with vibrant communities, shops, schools, churches, clubs and a health clinic providing valuable services for young and old alike.

There are many opportunities to sample the delights that Woodhall has to offer, as a tenant of one of its many let residential or commercial properties, as a grazier, as a visitor to its many events or as a walker enjoying stunning views from rights of way.



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The Woodhall Estate offers endless opportunities as a location close to London for television, feature films, advertising and photographic shoots. It offers a wealth of attractive traditional buildings, a picturesque fishing lake and river banks, stunning parkland with fine and ancient trees and extensive farm and woodland.

Most recently Woodhall has been used as a location for the BBC production of Stephen Poliakoff's 'The Lost Prince', the ITV drama series 'Foyles War' and 'My Uncle Silas' by HE Bates.



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The topography and woodland at Woodhall provide high quality shooting opportunities for pheasant, duck and deer.

Bespoke days can be arranged to suit individual requirements, whether private or corporate. Lunch can be provided on a shoot day if required and local accommodation can also be recommended. Game and venison are sold locally when in season.


Upcoming Events

2018 Warrior Adrenaline Race - 24/11/2017
On 21 April 2018 Woodhall Estate are pleased to be hosting the 2018 Warrior Adrenaline Race, from Regiment Fitness – offering 5km,10km and 20km obstacle experiences through the Estate’s stunning historic parkland and woodland.  Adult and junior courses, featuring slides, tunnels, rope climbs and water, ensure fun and challenges for family and friends, whilst also being a great way to raise funds for charity.

For more information, please visit http://www.warrioradrenalinerace.co.uk/races/


Latest News

Countryside Learning 2017 - 28/06/2017
On 25th and 26th May Woodhall hosted two Countryside Learning days where over 400 pupils from various schools, both local and from inner city London, were invited to come for a day out in the countryside.  This is one of the activities we undertake every year to encourage children to appreciate the outdoors and it is a good opportunity for us to demonstrate some of the activities we undertake to manage a country estate.
The Woodhall team provide learning stands, such as ecology, game keeping and farming while the Countryside Learning team provide some really good fun, practical activities such as forestry, planting and livestock. There is also a bird of prey demonstration and all of the children’s favourite seems to Gary Richardson’s famous working dog Murphy.


Hedgelaying - 14/06/2017
Forward planning is key to maximising the long term benefits for wildlife at the Woodhall Estate. Vast stretches of hedgerows have been planted over the years and now that they have established we want them to be beneficial to as much wildlife as possible.
Part of our winter/spring programme of works is spent hedgelaying in an effort to make the hedgerows as wide and as dense as possible.  They can then act as a wind break which helps to catch seeds to either provide food for wildlife or produce strong regrowth, thickening the lower layer of vegetation.  The hedgerow plants often still flower and fruit that same year which can be an adverse effect of continual hedge cutting rather than planned hedge management.
Positive hedgerow management has many benefits:  songbirds have a greater chance of finding a safe refuge in the centre, away from predators trying to steal their eggs.  Hedge trimmings are mixed into or stacked near to the area to naturally decay for the benefit of insects and their habitats.

As soon as our hedgelaying operations are completed song birds definitely seem to be attracted to them even in the winter months, and now it is June we would like to think that there are plenty of safely fledged  birds successfully finding a steady supply of little caterpillars to feed on.  


A Seasonal Update - Early Summer - 07/06/2017
The recent rains have not only been welcome for crops and young trees but  they are just in time to water in our recently planted wild flower and wild bird seed mixes.

Wild flowers add additional value to field corners and 6 metre grass margins which have been removed from production to benefit wildlife.  By the end of the summer they will be full of insect life when the clovers, vetches, sanfoin and ragged robin, to name but a few, come into flower. 

Wild bird seed mixtures contain a variety of small seeding plants including triticale, quinoa and kale which provide small farmland birds with a variety of food sources to help them through the winter months.  Also flowers such as phacelia and linseed help to ensure that there is an abundance of insect life in these areas for young chicks to feed on.

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Property to Let

The Woodhall Estate, situated in rural Hertfordshire, has an extensive residential and commercial property portfolio.

Its location 3 miles north of Hertford and proximity to London ensure it has good road, rail and air links. All properties are produced to a high standard and include estate houses principally in the villages of Watton-at-Stone, Stapleford, Bramfield, Tonwell and Sacombe, shops, offices, light industrial units, workshops and a livery stables.