Forestry Works Update
As part of our ongoing forestry management plan we are currently carrying out works in Park Wood, Bramfield.

Some of the elements of Corsican Pine are at a size where they are due to be felled before they get too large for the commercial market which they were planted for.  The first section of the tree will go for saw logs for softwood materials, the next section will go for chip wood for biomass sustainable energy.  The remainder of the tree, which is the lop and top, will remain in site to break down naturally into the forest floor.

The removal of the coniferous element will allow light to the forest floor which will encourage the next generation of trees to grow but also encourage the native woodland plants and flowers to re-establish in these areas.

We have some areas of Hornbeam which are being coppiced which means that they will re-grow off the remaining tree stump, some clearing of windblown fallen Spruce trees and an element of selected ride edge thinning.  All of these operations will encourage the biodiversity of the woodland by allowing light to the forest floor.  The area is regularly monitored for impact on local wildlife.  During felling precautions are taken to limit the disturbance.

These works will add to the wildlife value of this area and ensure that Park Wood continues to have a variety of habitats with the aim of sustaining and increasing native species.  We aim to have completed the works by 16th June 2017.