Woodhall Estate Forestry works: Summer 2018
Woodhall Estate is continually managing its woodland areas as part of a long term plan to achieve high standards of conservation, sustainability, and bio-diversity.

Currently there are minor roadside operations in progress, for which we have undertaken an element of traffic management, to ensure that the trees adjacent to highways are in a safe condition.  In addition to this, we have planned some pollarding of veteran trees and small felling operations to remove trees which could have a likelihood of potential failure in the future so that more appropriate tree species can be established.

In the Bramfield woods we are undertaking felling operations which include selective removal of certain tree species (primarily Red Oak) in small pockets to establish a more diverse next generation of young trees and ground flora. In these areas, a great deal of the dead wood is retained to provide mini-beast, fungi, amphibian and reptile habitat. Amongst the decaying branches we expect to get natural regeneration of tree species, wild plants and flowers, providing an environment for bees and other winged insects which makes good hunting grounds for bats.

Selective thinning of Corsican Pine, which has reached its natural maturity, is also being carried out in Bramfield woods, to make way for younger trees to grow. While working in the area we are carrying out minor works to ride and path edges, to favour select species and increase wildlife benefits.  The number of different woodland plants, butterflies and bees found along the woodland rides and glades is an indication of the improvements we are pleased to have made in recent years.