Oppidan Camp April 2019
An all-emcompassing residential camp that values personal and social development as well as the acquisition of new skills and experiences for children aged 8-13.

An Oppidan Camp incorporates five days of interactive workshops, guest speakers, outdoor sports and team games, practical skills, cooking and camping. Children are treated like adults and come away with an increased sense of confidence about themselves and their education.

Taking place in the beautiful Walled Gardens at Woodhall Estate, Hertfordshire, the park is a classic example of walled parkland, long grasses and rolling hills. The camps are a modern-day Swallows and Amazons with a strict no-tech rule and manifest an innocent, nostalgic enjoyment of the outdoors.

For information on future camps, please visit www.oppidancamps.com 

Warrior Adrenaline Race
Warrior Adrenalin Race is returning to the Woodhall Estate on Saturday 27th April 2019, offering 5km, 10km and 20km obstacle experiences through the Estate's historic parkland and woodland.

There will be adult and junior courses, featuring slides, tunnels, rope climbs and water which will enusure fun and challenges for family and friends whilst also being a great way to raise funds for charity.

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Forestry Update October 2018
This season of forestry works in Bramfield Woods has now been completed.

The Pine and mixed coniferous logs have gone to a sawmill in Norwich to be made into fencing and building materials. The chipwood has been used as biomass fuel, which will supply Heathrow Airport and other woodchip boilers. The firewood will be processed by local merchants and some of the red oak will be used for hardwood sleepers.  

Woodhall Estate are grateful to local pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders for respecting our signage and temporary closures of permitted paths, ensuring that this operation takes place smoothly and safely.
The Estate plan to restock the small pockets of felled areas with native, more sustainable species of trees. These will grow from naturally regenerated tree stock and will be topped up by seeds such as acorns sourced from local trees on the Estate, including some of the magnificent veteran trees found in Woodhall Park.

There is an element of tree top and timber left in the felled areas, to ensure there is enough material on the ground to hide young seedlings and provide refuge for small mammals, insects and invertebrates. As this wood decays it will provide an environment for the fungi and mini-beasts to thrive.

The Broadwater and River Beane Renovation Project: Woodhall Park June 2018.
During severe weather conditions at the end of March 2016, the waterfall at the end of the Broadwater was under so much pressure that it breached its banks on the northern side, removing the Broadwater’s ability to retain water.

Woodhall Estate and Affinity water have taken this opportunity to undertake a significant renovation project to remove the sediment within the Broadwater, repair the historic weir, and to re- establish 1.4 kilometres of rare chalk stream environment, by diverting the river around the two weirs in the park.

This will have significant environmental benefits by improving the water quality in the Broadwater and allowing fish passage to a significant stretch of the River Beane, linking it to other river improvement projects in both directions.  Detailed surveys have been undertaken to ensure that the new channel and Broadwater have the capacity to cope with future water volumes, whilst providing as much environmental benefit as possible.

Phase 1 of the project started in November 2017 from the triple weir below Clusterbolts wood, up to the Tumbling Bay by the bridge at Home farm.  Trees have been selectively removed to allow much needed light onto the river and a new river channel has been formed, meandering through the adjacent field.  This has been recently completed and the first river-side and in-channel vegetation is starting to establish after being moved from the Broadwater before works commenced.

Phase 2 is the area up-stream of Home Farm, which has just started. The renovation of the weir and penstock is underway and silt is being dug out of the lake bed to commence the drying process before being deposited to benefit fertility on agricultural land. The engineers are currently marking out the course in preparation of construction of the new river channel, which will run adjacent to the Broadwater.

This is an exciting project which has relied on a great deal of planning and co-operation by a range of organisations to ensure that it works for the greatest amenity benefit  within the park and create as much positive conservation value as possible. We look forward to seeing this environment flourish once the work is finished. The works are planned to complete by winter 2018.