The Woodhall Estate includes approximately 1,000 acres of woodland, ranging from a single block of 400 acres near Bramfield to numerous smaller units of amenity planting. The management of each block of woodland is specific to its individual characteristics, but the broad policy is to balance sound timber growing and silvicultural practice with conservation.

Forestry works on the estate are undertaken by contractors under the supervision of the estate's Forest Manager in consultation with the Forestry Commission.

The woodland at Woodhall comprises a diverse range of species including the deciduous oak, ash, beech, hornbeam and chestnut, and the coniferous scots pine, larch and grand fir.

To fulfill the aims of the estate's woodland conservation plans and maximise biodiversity, it is implementing a programme to remove much of the non native coniferous species and replace them with native hardwoods.  This will involve a combination of thinning, felling, natural regeneration and new planting.