Teach & Inspire

Woodhall Estate has so much to offer as a venue for you to teach and inspire. The beautiful landscapes, features and fresh air make a wonderful learning environment, whilst there is an abundance of the following subjects in action:

  • Nature and biology
  • Geography; both physical and human. Particular interest is 3 miles of the River Beane and our chalk stream creation
  • Photography
  • Historic buildings and our specialist crafts
  • Farming, food and agri-tech
  • Silverculture, conservation and holistic estate management

A number of educational organisations host events in Woodhall Park, valuing not just the beauty and nature, but also the security and privacy that it offers. In particular, the Walled Gardens make an atmospheric, historic and secure environment for learning. Our in-house team of experts can deliver detailed talks or interactive sessions on the subjects above, adding to the authenticity and interest for the children. Talks on the above subjects are also available for businesses and organisations, as shown in Private Tours. Please note that all talks and tours are subject to availability and workloads.

Learning event

The Wildlife, Environment & Forestry team and a wildlife display; part of a Countryside Learning day

We are always happy to hear from organisations or individuals who have an interest in running an educational event, or in presenting or teaching at one of our educational days. We are also delighted to hear from schools and charities who are interested in bringing children to such a day.

See the kind of educational events we host in Learn & Discover.


Learning & Inspiring