Our ethos

Community | Conservation | Sustainability

Woodhall Estate sets the highest of standards for holistic estate management, to deliver on our core values of community, conservation and sustainability. The estate’s heritage and legacy is a privilege, but with this comes the responsibility to ferociously preserve and enhance it for the benefit of thousands of people who live, work, learn or visit here.

All of our work is measured by long-term benefits rather than short term gain. We use cutting-edge practices with tried and tested principles. The past few years have seen the rapid modernisation of the estate’s business and we continue to preserve the past, by focusing on the future.


People | Nature | Buildings

A property developer just looks at profit; a farmer at harvest yield; a conservationist at wildlife counts; a teacher at education; historians at heritage; an event organiser at logistics. At Woodhall Estate we do not look at any one of these in isolation. To the contrary, we are constantly integrating all of the above, and a lot more. That is the fusion of people, nature and buildings across the estate. Our eye is not on gaining from a particular enterprise or project, but rather on how the estate should look, feel, function and evolve holistically over time. We have a long-term commitment to ensure that the estate maintains its special character.

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