Woodhall Community Taskforce

In response to the coronavirus, we have set-up the Woodhall Community Taskforce. This is our effort to link people in our community who are isolating and in need of assistance, particularly the elderly, with those who can assist them. The taskforce comprises members of the estate team, as well as several other members of the estate community. All those comprising the taskforce do so as volunteers outside of their usual work.

The taskforce can help those in isolation, such as picking-up shopping or urgent supplies, running urgent errands, checking on family members etc.

The taskforce has been set-up and divided to support the following three areas:

  • Watton-at-Stone Area
  • Bramfield/Bulls Green Area
  • Stapleford/Waterford/Sacombe/Tonwell Area

If you need assistance:

If you are in isolation and would like help, please email the taskforce on: taskforce@woodhallestate.co.uk

In your email, please let us know your requested task with your address and contact number. If you can’t email us, please call the Estate Office on 01920 830 286 (please note we are operating reduced working hours during coronavirus).

We will do what we can to help. However please note that we are only a volunteer network and our capacity may become stretched – so we may prioritise requests. If you are unwell with the virus, please follow the government guidelines.

If you can help:

If you are well and not in isolation, and are willing to join the Woodhall Community Taskforce, we would be very happy to hear from you. Please also email taskforce@woodhallestate.co.uk and we will make a note of how you can help. We will then contact you when an assistance request comes in and we think you would be best placed to do the task.


The Woodhall Community Taskforce is an informal volunteering network set-up in a time of crisis for those living in the vicinity of Woodhall Estate. It is not an organisation and equally it does not form any part of the Woodhall Estate group of entities. Those seeking and offering help do so entirely at their own risk. This includes the passing of money between help giver and recipient – this is to be agreed between the individuals concerned and Woodhall Estate can accept no liability for losses or damages.

If you email the taskforce email address, you agree to us holding your personal data and contacting you for the above purposes.

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