Farming & Food

Woodhall Farming Company

Our farming business, Woodhall Farming Company, is an integral part of the Woodhall Estate. The family has farmed the land for many generations; primarily producing wheat as well as barley, oilseed rape, oats and beans. Additionally we farm a flock of sheep in Woodhall Park.

We continue to invest in the farm’s long-term future by carefully managing our soils and crop rotations. This is helped by the use of cutting-edge tech and equipment, improving yield, quality and efficiency.

We mix active production with nature conservation to achieve a balanced and integrated land system. Many of our fields contain wildlife margins and corners, with other fields entirely designated for natural regeneration. As a result we grow high quality food, whilst improving the quality of habitats and ecosystems on the estate. We believe that this approach has a virtuous cycle, achieving both environmental objectives of high quality local food production and rewilding.

Tenant Farming Businesses

In addition to our in-hand farm, the estate is home to three tenant farming businesses. The Borlase, Pearman and Tucker families have farmed at Woodhall for generations, including both arable and livestock farming. The Borlase cattle herd is award-winning, producing high-quality meat for sale at shops in Hertfordshire.


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