Woodhall Estate sits in the Beane Valley, a topgraphic landscape and natural catchment area for water. As a result, we are involved in actively managing our watercourses to maximise their ecological potential for wildlife and fauna, as well as help safeguard against flooding. Work as simple as thinning the canopy cover above a stretch of river to increase light on the water can reap excellent benefits. Additionally there are a number of bridges, fords and islands that we manage.

River Beane

About 3 miles of the River Beane flows through the estate. In partnership with Affinity Water, we have carried out a major 3 year project to restore and revitalise the section of river that flows through Woodhall Park, including the creation of a rare chalk stream channel. In conjunction with this river project, we have dredged the Broadwater Lake (formerly part of the River Beane) and carried out extensive restoration to the lake’s banks and historic weir structure. You can learn more about this project in River Restoration.


Additionally the estate has a number of wetland areas; such as The Springs in Woodhall Park, reed beds, tributaries, ditches and wild ponds. These areas provide exceptional habitats and refuges for wildlife; including fish, amphibians, invertebrates, birds and mammals. Read more about Nature Conservation at Woodhall Estate.

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