Broadwater Lake

The Broadwater is a large, deep and glistening lake in the middle of Woodhall Park. It was extensively dredged and restored in 2018 as part of a major 3 year project to transform the River Beane in Woodhall Park. This has involved the creation of a new river channel created around the lake, which makes a beautiful spectacle and it is a haven of wildlife. The current phase of work is still in progress, to be completed in September.

The Broadwater is private and can be offered for select, appropriate events. We are happy to consider events involving sports, for example kayaking and triathlons, as well as dazzling light shows and filming. You may be interested in hiring the lake as part of a corporate day. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will be delighted to hear from you. Please note that unfortunately we cannot accept all event requests due to the estate’s conservation efforts. We assess all event requests for their environmental impact on the landscape.

Contact us to discuss your next event, either by using the contact form below or by email to Jenni Eley, Events & Enterprise Manager, at

Please note that we currently do not permit fishing; however this is under review.

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