Stapleford Meadows

Stapleford Meadows lie adjacent to Woodhall Park alongside the River Beane. The area is 14 acres in size and it is ideal for mid-sized and less formal events. As an example, it has been the central hub for mass-participation sporting events such as the Warrior Adrenaline Race, the Gauntlet Games and the Gladiator Games. It is suitable as a central hub for many types of sporting event including triathlons when used in conjunction with the Broadwater Lake, as well as mid-sized shows and festivals. Stapleford Meadows offer ample parking on a well-draining field and the area has two accesses onto the A119 main road for a one way traffic system.

Please contact us to discuss your next event, either by using the contact form below or by email to Jenni Eley, Events & Enterprise Manager.

Please note that unfortunately we cannot accept all event requests due to the estate’s conservation efforts. We assess all event requests for their environmental impact on the landscape.

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