We are pleased to present our first forestry update on this season of forestry works in Bramfield Woods, which has now been completed.

The pine and mixed coniferous logs have gone to a sawmill in Norwich to be made into fencing and building materials. The chipwood has been used as biomass fuel, which will supply Heathrow Airport and other woodchip boilers. The firewood will be processed by local merchants and some of the red oak will be used for hardwood sleepers.

Woodhall Estate are grateful to local pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders for respecting our signage and temporary closures of permitted paths, ensuring that this operation takes place smoothly and safely.

We plan to restock the small pockets of felled areas with native, more sustainable species of trees. These will grow from naturally regenerated tree stock and will be topped up by seeds such as acorns sourced from local trees on the estate, including some of the magnificent veteran trees found in Woodhall Park.

Coming Soon

There is an element of tree top and timber left in the felled areas, to ensure there is enough material on the ground to hide young seedlings and provide refuge for small mammals, insects and invertebrates. As this wood decays it will provide an environment for the fungi and mini-beasts to thrive.

These works form part of our ongoing forestry and conservation works here at Woodhall Estate. Do check back on our blog for our regular forestry update.