Our vision for Watton-at-Stone

Residents of Watton-at-Stone will be aware that the Estate has proposed land to the north of the village for consideration as a location for future growth – to enable the village to grow sustainably and provide much needed new housing for local people. Watton-at-Stone is identified within the East Herts District Plan as a ‘Group 1 Village’ for development. The estate’s land could be used in a way that actively supports the local community, delivers homes of quality, and is of an appropriate design to complement the historic character of the village.

We have a long-term commitment to ensure that Watton-at-Stone maintains its special character, which reflects our centuries’ long role in the village’s evolution. The potential scheme is being considered closely in conjunction with other needs of the village – such as open space for leisure, sport and parking. This holistic, long-term, strategic vision for village is what sets us apart from property developers who do not have our historical and permanent role in the village.

We continue to actively engage with the Watton-at-Stone Neighbourhood Plan process and the East Herts District Council, following in-depth consultations with residents at two public exhibitions to identify the best type of housing growth for the village.

Watton-at-Stone Consultation Summary Report

Building for the Future