Jubilee Community Wood

Jubilee Community Wood is a 60 acre area planted with over 25,000 trees, adjacent to Watton-at-Stone. The estate designated the entire area for open community access, for residents in Watton-at-Stone and the surrounding area. The growing wood has already become a haven for nature, particularly wildflowers and butterflies. The picture above shows the large extent of Jubilee Community Wood between the village and bypass.

The trees were planted by the estate with the assistance of grants to mark Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Members of the community and children at Watton-at-Stone school helped with some of the tree planting, for which we are very grateful. The estate continues to actively manage the area, for example by cutting paths and trails, and encourages people to take advantage of this wonderful place. It is abundant with wildlife, and dogs love it!

Jubilee Community Wood is best accessed from Mill Lane in Watton-at-Stone. Watton-at-Stone is connected by a train station and bus stops serving local towns and villages. Whilst we do all we can to make rights-of-way and recreational areas safe, anyone visiting Woodhall Estate does so entirely at their own risk. Learn more about how you can visit and access here.

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